Registro Pubblico delle Opposizioni

Telephone and postal marketing regulation
D.P.R. n. 178/2010 as amended

Pursuant to the provisions of the Presidential Decree n. 178 of the 7th September 2010, from the 31st Jan 2011 onwards, any Subscriber listed in a public telephone directory who wishes not to receive unsolicited sales and marketing calls and/or market research calls any longer, has the opportunity to object to such calls by joining the “Registro Pubblico delle Opposizioni”.


Any Subscriber – be it a natural person, legal person, organization or association - whose telephone number is listed in a public telephone directory, is given the opportunity to join the “Registro Pubblico delle Opposizioni”, free of charge, by choosing one out of five methods:


  • icon webWEB
  • icon phoneTELEPHONE
  • icon mailCERTIFIED MAIL
  • icon faxFAX

Registration with the “Registro Pubblico delle Opposizioni” is:

  • Reserved to Subscribers whose telephone number is listed in a public telephone directory
  • Free of charge
  • Permanent (untile revoked)
  • Fully revocable
  • Allowed 24/7, also on public holidays
  • Intended also for more than one telephone number belonging to the same Subscriber
  • Safe and protected against unauthorized access, as only the Italian Data Protection Authority and judicial Authorities are authorized to access the recorded personal data for inspections
  • And automatically expires, through an automatic register update, when there is a change in the telephone number holder or when the number is deactivated

It is possible to update or revoke the registration with the “Registro Pubblico delle Opposizioni” using the same methods as the ones for the registration itself.

In order to update or revoke the registration, the subscriber shall provide the system with the “user code”, a further protection against unauthorized access to personal data. The user code is communicated to the Subscriber when the registration is complete, by email or by phone call. In case of loss, the Subscriber can recover it by calling the toll free number 800 265 265 from the registered telephone number.

For enquiries, resolution of registration problems and/or submission of a complaint, please write to (or to - Certified eMail - PEC*) or send a letter by traditional or certified mail to the relevant address that you can find on the “Contact Us” section.

For any further information about the “Registro Pubblico delle Opposizioni” please read our “Subscriber FAQ” section, where the most frequent questions are collected, together with the corresponding answers.

It is important to remind that the “Registro Pubblico delle Opposizioni” shields the Subscriber from unsolicited calls coming from those Operators who use public telephone directories as their source of contacts. The registration with the “Registro Pubblico delle Opposizioni” does not dismiss the possibility of the Subscriber’s data being processed for telemarketing purposes by subjects who have collected such data through other sources, different from public telephone directories (e.g. store cards, cards to collect shopping points, special offers, etc.), provided that the data collection has been carried out in accordance with current legislation.

This Certified eMail - PEC of the Manager can receive only messages from Certified eMail.

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